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Mitigating Translation Budgetary Constraints With Strategic Content Selection

While international development actors are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of multilingual communication, budgetary constraints often prevent them from making all the content they produce available multiple languages.

In addition, civil society organizations are playing a greater role in achieving Sustainable Development Goals, which is driving the demand for translation.

In this context, a strategic selection of content for translation can help international development actors increase the impact of their communication in an effective way.
Our agency offers five criteria to take into consideration from all actors producing and consuming this content while making a strategic selection for translation:

  1. Offering abridged versions of documents that signal a paradigmatic shift or present innovative ideas;
  2. Producing (in a set of pre-determined languages) meta-reviews of critical documents published in specific thematic by different organizations;
  3. Favoring the translation of executive summaries, talking points and other shorter formats instead of systematically translating full reports;
  4. Encouraging the production of short videos with subtitles, infographics and other visually appealing material.
  5. Focusing on content that can empower local actors and improve interaction between stakeholders involved in the project or campaign.

In addition to considering the criteria listed above, allowing time to consult with a linguist before launching the project will help save time and money down the road. To encourage this collaboration, all our quotes include a free consultation on strategic content selection for organizations working with a limited budget.
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