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A Word from our CEO, Clarisse Dailly​

JPD Systems was created in 1997 to meet the need to improve communications between English US or Europe-based development agencies with English as a working language and their developing country clients speaking other languages. Jean-Paul and I both worked in Africa for development agencies. We were aware that differences in cultural, educational, and political backgrounds impacted negatively on the sharing of analyses and the co-owning of development programs. Our vision was a communication agency staffed with professional translators with top translation skills and familiar with development issues, offering a wide range of services needed by development institutions and sharply focused on customer satisfaction. The right vision and a successful implementation record have contributed to the outstanding reputation enjoyed by JPD Systems among development professionals on five continents.

To ensure the implementation success, we worked hard on developing an outstanding human task force backed by investments in state-of-the-art linguistic and communication technologies. Exacting recruitment criteria and close translator performance monitoring resulted in today’s multilingual and multidisciplinary team of 400+ translators and editors. Investments in cost-effective technologies have enabled us to improve our performance, diversify our services and satisfy an expanding range of customer needs while maintaining our image of being “the best bang for the buck” among our customers.

Our customers include multilateral and bilateral donor organizations, major international environment, food, education, health institutions, and international and national private corporations. JPD Systems offers translation, editing, graphic design, desk top publishing and interpretation services. Translated material ranges from the technically specialized to geographically specific[1], from sector-specific issues to global issues[2], and from internal messages and press releases to books and publication[3]. We offer both consecutive and simultaneous interpretation services. Design services involve professional graphic designers mastering publication dos and don’t and working in close collaboration with a customer to reflect the latter’s preferences in the final product. We keep expanding our language offering by searching the world for language service providers sharing our passion for excellence and our ethos.

In sum, we are proud of the scope, professionalism and affordability of our services that set us apart from most of our competitors. With our broad development experience, multilingual translation skills, and systematic search for the best translation tools, we ensure accurate and effective communication of your messages, whether it is an email, a book, a graphic design or an interpretation service. Our commitment to your satisfaction and constant drive to exceed your expectations make us the ideal partner for all your translation needs. Contact us today by phone or email to see how we can help you communicate your messages with confidence and clarity.

Clarisse Dailly
CEO, JPD Systems

[1] From the technically specialized (e.g., English to Arabic, English, and French “Engaging with Insider Mediators,” etc.) to geographically specific (e.g., English to Portuguese “Angola Poverty Assessment”)
[2] From sector-specific issues (e.g., English to Chinese, French, and Russian “Global Food Policy Reports”) to global issues (e.g., English to Bahasa Indonesia, Brazilian, French, Mongolian, Spanish and Swahili “A Conservation Practitioner’s Guide to Indigenous and Community-Led Conservation”)
[3] From internal messages and press releases (e.g., English to Bahasa Indonesia, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish “TB alliance ZeNix”) to books and publications (e.g., French and Spanish translations of the recent World Bank Social Protection Handbook, etc.)

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Unlock the Power of Language

JPD Systems’ services are offered across a wide range of languages, with new languages being added to reflect expanding linguistic needs of our customers. JPD Systems linguists are native speakers, with extensive translation experience and expertise in local cultural and linguistic norms. Graduates from major universities or members of recognized translator associations, their goal is to make sure that your translated message will have the desired impact whatever your target language or the complexity of your original message.